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i am trying to make some money. i need some money. >> you can still stile do "red eye." >> caution. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> the change their mind about anything old white guy. old guys have stawb born. they just are. [shouting] >> bill: professors browbeating students in the classroom. speakers like karl rove being shouted down in public. charles krauthammer with analysis. >> i'm so wasted. >> used to be most americans opposed the legalization of marijuana. new poll shows majority supports putting pot in the marketplace. why the turn around?
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we will tell you. >> i'm just waiting for them to come in here and kill us. >> bill: is detroit the worst city in the u.s.a.? because it refuses to consider anything other than the democratic party. jesse watters on the case. >> how bad is it? >> it's bad. >> yeah? >> it's bad. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: i'm, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. the far left running wild once again. it that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. if the tea party has interrupted anyone's speech lately, shouting down a liberal person, for example, i have not heard about it. if college students are being indoctrinated and intimidated by conservative professors, i have not heard about it.
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but, on the other side, the far left is becoming increasingly bold and fresh in trying to silence those with whom they disagree. last night we told you how a school district in michigan tried to stop rick santorum from speaking. we interveend and the former senator will now be able to give his address but only to students who get a signed permission slip from their parents. meantime, millions, millions of high school students in america can have abortion set up by the public schools without their parents even being told. think about that. one of the consequences of having a liberal president twice elected is that the fringe left feels emboldened and feels it can do whatever it wants. at the university of southern california for example darry sprago has turned his republican strong hold
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>> education at its best wouldn't you say in the television at usc more than $45,000 a year. a couple of days ago at the university of massachusetts carl rove was insulted. [shouting] >> murder civilians. >> talk about terrorism. >> murderer! >> yesterday, at howard university, senator rand paul was insulted. >> republicans still prize
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the sense of justice that mlk spoke of when he said that an unjust law is any law that a majority enforces on a minority but does not make binding upon itself. [ applause ] you know, i wasn't sure if my speech would be entertaining but now you have had some entertainment. >> bill: undeniable the far left intruding on the national discourse. perverting the educational system. and generally behaving as badly as any movement has since the late 1960's. fair minded americans will eventually reject this explosion of zealotry as they always have. but in the meantime. students and others are getting hurt. the disturbing trend that
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must be confronted. and that's the memo. now, for the top story tonight. reaction, joining us from washington. charles krauthammer. i see this triewtion as a growing problem. it's getting worse. do you agree? >> i'm not sure i think. so and i do go back to the 1960's. when instead of a fringe protest here and there these radicals took over the universities, they occupy them. they dictated policy. the administrations caved. in the police stayed out. and then they did even something more effective. they realized well, you know, coming in from the outside is really not going to do much. you get a little attention, publicity. but but the left decided late in the 1960s, early in the 18970s was what let in another marxist prescribed which called the march through the institutions. they got inside. they did it legally. they did it the right way. they got their they got appointments. they got tenure. they kept out conservatives. that's why you have a lot of conservative think
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tanks. the think tank is essentially a university without students and it's one that is not run by liberals because a lot of conservatives are denied tenure and appointments. they basically control overwhelmingly, they universities. i'm not worried about these elements who do the interruption. i think they are rude. they are unmannered but they are also fringe and they are infantile. they have no effect on the national discourse. the people who do have an effect on national discourse are people of the left who do it the right way. they either over a generation take over the universities or by working very hard in politics win election after election. >> bill: all right. but if you are looking at a democracy a vibrant democracy. you have got to have respect for opposing points of view. right now, the college university system there is is no respect for opposing points of view. i mean, the usc is a huge school. these guys ramming this stuff down the students'
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throat. that video was shot by a conservative student who had had enough and had gone to the administration at usc and they said, hey, get out of here. you know. and he documented it and put it out to the media i'm seeing that this is a big threat to our democracy here because if you have an indoctrination at the major universities across the country, which you do, then you are going to have -- you know, an electorate that you can see changing and moving to the left. basically because of the education system. >> well, two things. first of all, that professor, it's rather comical he doesn't have a sense of irony of realizing that is he precisely the kind of old white guy who he says is stubborn, unthinking and dumb. and, of course, he is he hasn't had a new thought obviously since he was an undergraduate. what i think is more important is the fact that we have had the left dominating the universities. and the media and hollywood and the foundations all of these cultural institutions
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for at least a generation, up to 30, 40 years. and, you know, at the beginning of that time, the 60's, well, let's say the 70s, the 80's, and the 90's, republicans and conservatives did very well. in fact, right up to obama in 2008. since from nixon to obama the republicans control national government far more than did the democrats. i think what disturbs me is less the intolerance and the lack of respect, which i think is very important coming out of these hecklers but the leadership, the lack of it that comes from the president. the president actually said earlier in the week in hartford, speaking about gun control. he said something like: this is a paraphrase. you know, that people on capitol hill have to choose whether they want to protect the lives of children or get an a grade from the nra. i mean, what he is doing s. accusing people who don't agree with him on gun control of not caring for
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the lives of children. >> and that kind -- that's an example. that sets the tone. that sets the example. >> bill: same thing demonize anybody who disagrees. that's what they did successfully in gay marriage. they dual it on the gun thing. that's what they do. i have one more question. i only have about 45 seconds. why don't we see this on the right. don't we see conservative people, because certainly there are zealots on the right. fanatics on the right. we don't see them going into the colleges and shouting down people and the few conservative professors. we don't see them indoctrineating. why not? >> look. since time and memorial, young people tend to be far more -- if you are not a socialist when you ii you you don't have a heart. ifif you you are not a conservative when you are 50 you don't have a head. these are fringe infantile silly people who have no influence, no power and they know it. and the only way they will get any attention.
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>> bill: aren't sill will y. people on the right young silly people who would do that? >> no. i think the young are far more liberal than conservative. that's why the numbers are this way. >> bill: you don't see that kind of behavior. it's interesting. >> all right, charles. thank you. >> i would say we're much better. well mannered and well brought up like you and me. >> well you, i wouldn't pit me in that category. i'm well brought out. it's not my parent's fault companies it's just my category. nation's colleges hiring some radical left people. why do some americans want marijuana legalized well. jesse
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. i must say i was surprised when columbia university here in new york city hired cathy bodine to teach at the school.
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ms. bodine is a former weather ground ground radical that left three men shot dead. she served 22 'years for the crime. now on the faculty at columbia university. that action has shocked some of the families of her victims. the fact is that all over the country colleges are hiring radical left people. joining us now from boston, bob a journalist professor at boston university. and with us here in the studio, todd starns, a fox news radio talk show host who broke the florida story where professor ordered his students to stomp on the written name of jesus. so, bob, let's start with you. i went to bu as you know. in 1976 when i graduated with a master's degree from there. a man named john silver who was the president of the university. it wasn't radical left university then. it tilted left. but it wasn't crazy left. and there was a lot of diversity within the faculty. you went from abc news as a correspondent right to the journalism school at bu and i was in that school. but, you're now in a place that is very left.
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are you not? >> >> yes, i thinkgone further and further to the left. and i think first of all you are correct under john silber. there was at least an effort that was put up to control or to bring more than a single point to bear on an issue. he was legitimate academic in the true sense of the word. he passed away this year for those of you who didn't know it. i think my observation is that the left acts up when the left feels threatened. i think if you go back and let's say the past half century or so. when they were threatened by mccarthy. they responded briskly to say the least if you want to stand just how the left has been and it occurred to me that george mcgovern died. go back and take a look at the democratic program for
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the 1972 campaign when mcgovern ran for president and look at the current one. >> bill: it's very similar. >> back in 1972, mcgovern got his butt kicked and now barack obama is is in office. now, todd, you see the -- i want you to see the big picture here. you saw the usc professor. is he not something unusual. this is going on everywhere. >> right. >> is there anything that can be done? >> well, i don't think so. other than conservative students are starting to speak up like this young man in california who took a hidden camera in and filmed an entire semester's worth of those lectures. the same situation down in florida where we had the stomp jesus professor one young man stood up. if we hadn't of done the stories on that. if we hadn't exposed that this young man would have been expelled. he had already been suspended. >> this was the professor that ordered the stomp jesus thing. it doesn't seem like there is any solution to this
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problem. it seems likes a bob said there is a stranglehold on the university system. and that's just the way it is in america. >> and, bill, it's getting worse. the harvard crimson had a report out about conservatives and the treatment of conservatives at harvard. they said that young liberals are even more intolerant and there is a reason for that did i a report on a study out of month claire university. a teacher did her dissertation at looking at four teachers in the public school system that were using radical theology and social justice issues incorporating that into their teaching curriculum in the public school system. what's happening is is what they're teaching at the college level now they are teaching at the grade school and the high school level. >> bill: it's going down all the way. my last question for you bob is this. you say that the left reacts when they're fearful. what are they fearful now? they have got the most liberal president in history in the white house. all of the polls show on gay marriage and legalization of marijuana, all going their way. why are they so afraid? why are they acting out? >> well, i think it's the
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exception that proves the rule. they have fought against certain things. they are on the cusp of victory. and they want to make sure that it doesn't slip away this time as it has. >> that's interesting. they are stepping it up. gentlemen, thanks very much. directly ahead. lou dobbs with the latest on the intense gun debate. we will find out what lou thinks about that we have some americans -- why have some americans changed their mind about legal riding pot. also, jesse watters goes to detroit to investigate the chaos out there. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: and in the impact segment tonight. lou's the boss controlling firearms. today, the senate advanced a bill that would require more background checks on gun buyers, tougher penalty on those who sell guns illegally and provide more money for school security. in addition the president and first lady are making guns central focus. in january pendleton was shot dead in a chicago crossfire. and that terrible crime is now part of the national debate. >> and as i visited with the pendleton family at her funeral, i couldn't get over how familiar they felt to me. because what i realized was her family was just like my family. pendleton was me. and i was her. but i got to grow up. and go to princeton. and harvard law school and have a career and a family and the most blessed life i could ever imagine. >> bill: with us now fox business anchor lou dobbs.
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a lot of emotion here swirling around it. i think this gun control debate is boring. essentially. and the reason is, it's important but it never goes anywhere. it just goes around and around and around. all right? but, you are more interesting about it you spend some time on your program talking about, this right? but you don't want any gun control. you want -- >> -- i don't see the point. >> bill: guns ahoy? guns everywhere? guns unlimited? >> here is the deal, bill. we have got enough statutes in our uniform criminal code to deal with every issue imaginable. >> bill: chicago is a good example. >> they have the strongest gun law in the country. >> >> bill: people are getting gunned down every two seconds. >> murder capital of the country. it's a simple question. if gun laws worked. everybody would have these things in their communities, in their cities because it would reduce crime. it doesn't. criminals are the ones killing people and murdering them. >> bill: doesn't it make
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sense to have firearm registration just like you register your car? doesn't that make sense so then if somebody doesn't register -- >> -- yeah. >> all right. you can slap them with a 10 year mandatory? >> that's exciting to me. i mean, i really want to hear about another law like that. because here is the reason why. because when you look at tucson, when i look at sandy hook. when i look at aurora, colorado, in not one of those instances would any of the bills being discussed in the united states senate. >> bill: there is too many guns on the street. >> no, no. this is about mental health. every one of those heinous crimes was carried out by someone who is severely mentally ill. >> bill: right. but they get access to the guns. >> what this administration is doing is the worst. >> bill: but answer my question here. >> sure. >> bill: if you require firearms registration. >> right? >> right. >> therefore, the criminal doesn't register. >> um-huh. >> because they wouldn't. right? >> okay. >> the criminal wouldn't. >> okay.
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>> and they grab them either state, local, no matter, what or federal. you slap a 10 year mandatory on them. >> um. >>um that would control bad guys from getting guns. >> let's take the example then. let's apply your here to adam lanza and sandy hook. he didn't have those guns registered. his mother did. >> bill: right. >> he walks in and kills. >> could not stop it. >> could not stop it. >> and there would be not one of us would feel any better. >> bill: you could stop it in chicago with that little 15-year-old girl getting gunned down. >> how? >> because if you had the registration and the cops went out and stopped and frisked and grabbed the gun, that's a 10-year federal thing. see, here is -- here is why the president doesn't have it. he won't put the punitive stuff with the registration. you have got to do both. >> you are scaring me, bill. you are encouraging this president to be even more of a status than he is. you are talking about
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enlarging power of the state which is now rom pantly out of control. you are talking about making it bigger. that's the last thing you should be doing. >> i'm talking about anyone caught with a weapon that isn't properly registered. has to face draconian penalties. and that keeps the guns out of the hands of criminals. makes it much easier for law enforcement to control. this that's what i'm talking about. >> law enforcement doesn't control it? >> but they could. >> what happens is law enforcement responds once the slaw broken. usually at that point. >> bill: stop and frisk stuff is preventative. >> stop and frisk is also highly questionable as to its lee gattle. >> not with me. >> if it's me that's getting stopped and frisked and i got a feeling if it's bill o'reilly you are going to get a little more constitutional about it all. >> bill: i have my guys debate that but i understand your point of view and the gun owner's points of view that if you do the registration and you don't do the other stuff, it's a waste of time and it's not going to stop the mass murders. >> it's not going to stop
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the mass murders. >> bill: but if you do it in conjunction, then you are going to cut down bad guys getting guns. >> we're going to watch this over the course of the next few weeks. we're going to watch all that debate and drama in the united states and it is not going to effect one thing because they're not going to talk about the most salient issue and that is what do we do about people who are severely and mentally ill and. >> bill: it's a free society you can't lock them up unless they commit a crime as you said reactive. lou dobbs, there he is. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. do you want marijuana legally sold in your neighborhood? apparently most americans do. we will find out why. will jodi arias get away with murder in arizona? she is tweeting from prison. attacks the prosecution. amazing story. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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♪ 'cause we know how to dance ♪ ♪ we'll veg it up ♪ veggies night and day ♪ ♪ can we do it? ♪ yeah, you know that we can! ♪ all in together now, we can make it better now ♪ ♪ hey, hey announcer: search "we can" to find doable tips and activities that you can use every day to keep you and your kids healthy. >> bill: in the are we crazy segment tonight legalizing pot. i oppose that because putting another intoxicant on the market doesn't help the country and sends the absolute wrong message to children who once they become involved with any kind of mind altering substance cease to be children. in 1980, just 24% of americans favor legalizing marijuana. now that number has skyrocketed to 52%, according to a new pew research poll. why the change? joining us now from los angeles dr. wendy walsh a psychologist and san diego dr. bonnie forest. you are first up, why the change? >> yeah, bill, i think this is interesting. so i think for millennials
1:32 am
people born after 1977 they don't see pot as a serious problem. they see it like alcohol and prohibition so why not make it legal. i think the more interesting data out of this study shows that baby boomers have really changed their views and that's happened mostly in the last seven years. i think that's more about we're wasting money on the drug war and locking up people. this is really a social issue. and shouldn't be a legal issue. >> bill: okay, as we showed last night with the hard drugs. violent crime has dropped dramatically since we did start locking up drug traffickers and users get very little jail time never. why do you think the legalization from 1908 to now? >> i agree with dr. forest. i think baby boomers are over. plenty of them have tried marijuana or they are using now. now their kids have come of age to add to the population. so it's simple math. and in addition, i just
1:33 am
don't think taxpayers want to spend money prosecuting marijuana, whether we spend money keeping these people in jail or whether we just have to put them through the court system for a misdemeanor. i don't want my tax money on that. there are other places i want my tax money spent. >> bill: okay. so you both say that the demographic change that baby boomers now and their children because they have been inculcated by the baby boomer mentality has overridden the traditional americans who are dying out and drug prohibitions of the 50s and 60's before the vietnam thing. that makes kind of sense to me. but i feel that the legalization of marijuana then adds another intox can't to the marketplace. sends a message to children that it's fine to get stoned. as you both know and i don't think you would disagree with me. child gets involved with substance, be it alcohol, marijuana, any other drug, that's the end of their child, they are gone. and the unintended consequences just ripple. isn't it better for america, dr. forest, to say you know, this isn't a good thing, we are not going to put the legal tag on it because it's not good for
1:34 am
society? >> you know, bill, i don't agree with that. i think you can legalize it i think. >> bill: you think marijuana is good for society, dr. forest? >> no. i think the sound bite has to change, bill. you and i are in agreement we need to protect kids. the problem is when celebrities get out there endorsing these things, the message about the science doesn't get out there. and the science on this is pretty dr. clear. >> bill: legalization where we will have the idiots like snoop dogg and the other morons actually getting paid to do commercials pro-marijuana, do you think that's not going to sink in to the kids and all of that? come on. >> i do think it's going to sink in to the kids. i think the message has to be different. >> bill: what message? >> we need enforcement. >> bill: enforcement of what. >> enforce the laws that are there. first of all you are not supposed to be selling marijuana to anyone under the age of 2 21. >> bill: beer and wine are all over the place. let's live in the real world not the dream world. science is never going to
1:35 am
be able to control the flow of intoxicants. it's all about messaging. >> i disagree with you. >> bill: it's all about messaging. that's what it is about. >> if you try to buy alcohol in a bar and you are under 21. that establishment will lose their license because the sale of alcohol is enforced. >> just go out to any high school. that's all you need to do. there will be beer and marijuana all over the place. anyone in the country. dr. forest, go. >> bill, the message has to be really clear. he yes, maybe i smoke this as a parent but this is bad for kids' brains. and, in fact, the science shows that it's bad for kids brains. >> and they walk down to the 7/11 and there is the big marijuana display. >>. no i'm not saying there is a big marijuana display. >> bill: there will be. >> legislation, bill, we have to put in protections. we have to learn. >> bill: don't you guys understand what happened in l.a., what happened in denver, what's happening in washington state? when you legalize it, it's everywhere. okay?
1:36 am
it's in your face. >> everywhere now, regulate a tax out of it. >> bill: you can't regular qulat it. >> exactly. we need enforcement of law. you shouldn't be able to drive on it. >> bill: i know i'm a lone voice crying in the wilderness but this country is going down, down. when we come right back, will yet another american get away committing a brutal murder? we'll update you on the jodi areas case. then watters goes to detroit for perhaps the nation's worst major
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the factor follow up segment tonight. getting away with murder. in my opinion o.j. simpson, robert blake, casey anthony all did just that in criminal court. now in arizona, 32-year-old jodi areas trying to join the list. as you may know, she admits she killed her boyfriend travis alexander but said she had to do it because he was doing bad things to her. with us now former district attorney and former fox
1:39 am
news analyst jeanine pirro. and from phoenix monica lynn strum following the trial out there. counselor, advance the story for us a little bit. we talked to you a couple weeks ago. when is it going to wrap up? is she going to beat the wrap? go. >> since we have last talked, we have had now two defense experts come up and testify. one about the memory loss that jodi areas experienced and this latest one she is the battered woman syndrome and domestic violence expert. >> bill: was there any physical evidence to show that she is a battered woman? >> nope. nothing at all. >> bill: that's all i need to know. >> nope. >> all i need to know. she is tweeting now. she is in jail, areas? and she is a little tweeter and she is actually attacking the prosecution. that's pretty nice, right? >> right. well, it's probably not the many thing for her to do problems put this up there with it i don't think sheriff joe is actually letting her tweet. i think she is relaying what she wants to tweet to a friend who is doing it or we have seen her in the
1:40 am
courtroom grab the phone. >> bill: make a mockery of the whole thing. >> oh yeah. oh yeah. >> bill: when do you think it's going to wrap up and go to the jury? >> i think we have at least another two weeks of the main case. we have another defense expert coming on after jury questions and then the state is going to get its rebuttal case. >> bill: what is the other defense witness going to say? >> we don't know for sure who it is. but we believe that it is an expert that was called previously with the cameras and the pictures but we don't know just yet. we are all waiting for that. >> i don't want to convict the woman on television, but i mean it gets to pint, janine where i don't believe there is justice being served in this country. think it's far too easy to get away murder. am i wrong. >> no. you are not wrong. i happen to agree with you. i have watched the trend in the criminal justice system it all started with o.j. started with concept we need d.n.a. before we convict anybody. what you have got is a csi generation. they see a case opened and closed and they see all of
1:41 am
these conspiracy theories. then you have a defense attorney who, in an opening statement says: the baby drowned. what? the baby drowned? casey anthony's baby drowned with no proof supporting that allegation. >> bill: i have always done this nonsense. >> as a judge i would require some kind of evidentiary proof. >> here is the deal. you have a jury pool now that is just demanding an incredible amount -- it's not reasonable doubt. it's no doubt. >> beyond all doubt. >> bill: this woman jodi areas admits she did it she admits that she killed him. >> she says i was justified. domestic violence. that's only after she lied twice. and there is another analysis with casey anthony. they're both pathological liars. they are both nutso. >> bill: there wasn't anything worse than oj to me. this woman, the theory they concocted that the baby her baby lands in a swamp, was so absurd, nobody could believe it. >> bill: it worked to her advantage, bill, because
1:42 am
they didn't know the cause of death. >> bill: how could the the jury believe that and the woman is partying for 30 days and doesn't report the child missing and they still acquit her. >> this woman, jodi areas is having sex 12 hours later after another guy after she stabs her boyfriend 27 times. >> bill: did she remember that? because she doesn't remember stabbing the boyfriend. >> did she remember the sex but not stabbing the boyfriend? >> of course. >> okay. >> what does that tell you? >> her expert said that she had some kind of disorder. mental -- >> called malingering, fainting. >> you are as cynical as i am about. this absolutely. for good reason. >> bill: justice season tottering. >> not yard. it's beyond all doubt. what they isn't a videotape. circumstantial evidence not working. >> bill: hey, hey. >> i didn't do it. my hand wasn't on the gun. >> get my restaurant on the gun come bang and she is dead. >> that happens to everybody. >> yeah it does.
1:43 am
doesn't it happen to you. >> all right ladies, thanks so much. enough of him. watters on deck. we sent him to detroit to find out why things are so bad there. and he reports democratic policies might have something to do with it
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, watters world. the city of detroit in chaos. in fact the democrats in detroit have controlled the city in 50 years. state has taken over the city. detroit currently owes close to $14 billion. detroit's former mayor democrat kwame kilpatrick was convinced of react tiering. extortion faces up to 20 years in prison when is he sentenced. charles met up with -- american autopsy at autopsy.
1:47 am
[train] >> violent two weeks in detroit. >> 32 murders in 15 days. >> detroit is the poorest big city in america. had 0% of the people here are on food stamps. the jobless rate is 11.3%. >> it's bad. >> yeah? >> it's bad. crime. you can't get ems. i will be real about it we can put billions overseas but not put one quarter into our city? >> there are five things that people want. a clean city, a safe city, a smart city, education. and also protection. police and fire. >> we found out that he has never been inspected. all the ladders are grounded. if you are on the third floor good luck getting out. guys will answer calls. while they are answering calls, people will grab the hooks, the ladders, the chainsaws because there is no police unit available to back them up. >> what do you do for a living. >> i'm a police officer. >> safe out here on the
1:48 am
streets? >> it could be safer. >> some people are complaining that 911 calls are aren't going answered. >> yeah. i think that's probably the case. >> my house got shot up 32 times we don't report it because they don't do nothing about it. >> you call 911. you are talking about 20 minutes, 25 minutes. sometimes they don't come at all. >> shot in the head and left to throw the kids' corpse in the back of the police car with the father crying over it. it's unconscionable. >> are you frightened to be walking around in your own city. >> oh hell no, huh-uh. >> you take care of yourself? >> damn right. >> in detroit. victim of a crime you are going to be waiting for the police to show up. >> corrupt politicians destroyed this city. can't afford to live here. and you can't afford to leave. they can't borrow anymore because the credit rating is junk. >> i was laid off in 2011. i have had a very hard time looking for work. i went to school almost for nothing. >> i wouldn't want to come to detroit. put stock in a store and it's stolen in the next 20
1:49 am
minutes. >> 100 years of dependence on the auto industry. as general motors so did the motor city. >> we fear for our life every day here. i'm just waiting for them to come and kill us. >> there is is is a lot of arsons in this city. why is that? >> cash. can't sell your house. you burn it. collect the insurance. >> a the love the neighborhoods are being burned up. and people are running out and, you know drugs got a big part to play in that. >> any time you are addicted to drugs or cars or whatever, you know, once it dry up, you go through withdrawal pains. >> we have failed leadership in this town. and we need some new blood. somebody who is going to make some tough decisions. we need to blame ourselves for being dependent on democratic government. >> what about the mayor? mayor bing? do you support him. >> absolutely not. i think it's being mismanaged. nobody is accountable for taking money and mismanaging money. >> so kwame kilpatrick, what was the charges
1:50 am
against him? racketeering, construction. >> giving contracts to his buddies overinflated value. not doing the work. stealing from the kids. kick packs. you name it he was doing it. >> there was a lot of things hang with the mayor. he just got caught. he didn't do anything different than all the rest of them are doing. >> but you are not excusing his behavior. >> no. he is wrong as two left shoes. >> we don't have to live like this. you know what i mean? we can do better. we are americans and ends in i can. >> bill: now, detroit has had an exodus of people leaving, right? >> yeah. half a million people have left detroit over the last 50 years. it's white flight. 85% of the city is black. there is no jobs anymore. they said the auto industry bailout worked. it didn't. 200,000 jobs have been lost. there is no plants. half the plants have gone. there is just crime all over the city. and they are so corrupt that they can't run the city effectively and all the city services like jobs -- like garbage
1:51 am
collection isn't on time. they don't plow when it snows. things like basic services. >> bill: they don't have any money and there is no organization, nobody is in charge. the state of michigan has taken the city over is that going to make it better? >> i don't know. they brought in a bankruptcy guy. is he supposed to sell all the assets. basically fire the city council and all their staff. slash salaries. they made a lot of promises for pensions and benefits for all the public sector employees. they are going to tear up those contracts and that's the only way they are going to get back on their feet. >> bill: i have got to till, detroit san american icon a city but it's through. you would have to put it under martial law and you would have to, you know, suspend all kinds of these crazy laws they have and bring in people just to oversee it and try get it back on its feet like the military. you would have to do with the whacial plan did in europe in world war ii. ain't coming back. >> talked to people on the street. you would expect them to be hard core democrats. they are not. >> they can't anymore.
1:52 am
they can't anymore. >> they are so corrupt they want to get an honest why in there. >> jessie watters, everybody. factor tip of the day. what do you do when somebody hurts you? the tip moments away.
1:53 am
1:54 am
>> factor tip of the day in a moment. fighting back against someone who hurt you. let's focus on mom and dad, shall we? come on. their days are coming up. signed book with a personal note. you dictate it to us, we'll put it in there, and i'll sign it. no spin patriot mugs for mom and dad. great pens. i'm using one right now. check it out on make mom and dad happen. now the mail. you didn't win the argue with beckel about drugs in prison. you looked weak. mr. beckel was right, if you take drugs across state lines, that's trafficking, not possession.
1:55 am
you owe him an apology. bull feathers, tristan. tom, coral gables, florida. i spent 35 years in the dea putting dealers and traffickers in prison. we never went after casual users like beckel. rick hammond, jamestown, new york, it's absurd to classify drugs as a violent classic. guns are used mainly to protect and in sporting situations does meth protect anyone? how about cocaine? wise up, man. life is short. ben, chicago. there will always be people who use drugs. no one forces them. far more are the tragic people,k children, hurt by the drug car. believe me, surrendering to the madness is not going to protect the kids. it will make things worse. sandy, pennsylvania. let me get this straight.
1:56 am
the white house party cost the taxpayers more than $400,000, and will be broadcast on the taxpayer-funded pbs network? is anyone okay with this? apparently so, sandy. anthony, monroe, connecticut. thit cost taxpayer one cent eac. how is that significant? symbolic, anthony. and then your picture makes you look like a mafia boss. that was my intent. stevmy books are nonfiction, fact-based books. i'm disgusted with you and miller bashing greece. is that means you won't travel out to spokane to see us.
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or you can meet us on july 1st. we'll try to win you over. finally the tip of the day. what should we do when somebody hurts? rape, assault, child abuse, things like that. not only is the life of the victim altered forever, but his or family also suffers greatly. that's why violent crime victims must fight back and hold the criminals accountable in criminal and civil courts, but that almost always takes money. that's why i support the alexa foundation and its website she was raped at boston university, my alma mater. to prosecute the rapist almost wiped out her family financially as they had to travel to boston from buffalo for years. i want to thank everybody for supporting the great cause. we americans should be in this
1:58 am
together. when one of us gets hurt we should try to help if we can. please check it out, . we would like to spout you off about "the factor" anywhere in the world. word of the day, no aspersion when writing to "the factor." do not cast aspersion. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for you.
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